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Atlanta Hawks controlling owner Bruce Levenson has self-reported to the NBA that he sent a racist e-mail in August 2012 and will sell his interest in the team.

Levenson reported the e-mail to the NBA in …

From what I read, what he said wasn’t that bad. Donald Sterling has said and done much worse and it took the NBA more than 30 years to get rid of the guy. Levenson probably confessed because someone tried to blackmail him. So he decided to come clean to thwart the extortion attempt.

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Thon Maker, the No. 1 player in the ESPN Basketball Class of 2016, and his younger brother, Matur, have officially enrolled at the Athlete Institute in Canada.

"We believe this is the best decision for…

Oh yeah! Canada is becoming a bball mecca. I wonder if Thonand his brother will become Canadians or remqin Australian?